Malaria is caused by a parasite which is transmitted to the patient by the bite of mosquito.  Malaria causes acute fever and weakness and persons who get malaria can be incapacitated for several days.  The harvesting of the crops is negatively affected, industrial output and developmental activities can decrease substantially due to absenteeism of the employees in areas of high malaria transmission.   Children can get malaria several times in one year and learning ability is affected and they also become weak.  In pregnant women, the disease can be severe and can affect her health and that of the unborn child.  Malaria not only affects the health of individuals but also places a heavy economic burden because of loss of wages and livelihood.


National Anti Malaria Programme was taken over by this administration from the Government of Tamil Nadu in March,1975. Modified plan of operation for Malaria Control is implemented from 1st April, 1997.



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