The Artificial Limb Fitting Centre is expanded with physical medicine & Rehabilitation facilities   such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy in addition to the fitting of Artificial Limbs and Orthopedic Appliances  It is a 30 Bedded Hospital to provide in-patient treatment facilities to the Physically handicapped persons and fitting of Artificial Limbs.  The Outhouses and prostheses are fitted to the physically handicapped persons.  Apart from Orthopedic appliances and Artificial Limbs, special type of appliances such a cervical collar, spinal brace, lumbar sacral belt, Modified surgical boot etc., are also fabricated and fitted to the patients.  Fitting of functional Upper extremity prosthesis, partially mutilated hand, cosmetic fingers etc., are also being fabricated and fitted to the needy patients.


The treatment with latest equipments such as Laser Therapy, Microwave, Interferential Therapy, etc., is also available for the chronic patients.  The availability of X-Ray unit, Laboratory facilities and operation theatre within the building are of much important to add the facilities in the treatment