The Public Health Laboratory is a multifaceted Scientific Institution, started functioning since 1972, under the Health Department.  It is consisting of different analytical sections such as Food Testing Lab, Drug Testing Lab, Forensic Lab, Excise Lab, Water Testing Lab and Clinical samples analysis Lab.


Food Testing Lab :

Total of 982 samples of food articles sent by Food Inspectors under PFA Act & under survey measure and private traders, Confed. Amudasurabi, Hospitals, have been analysed for the purpose of checking purity and quality of food. Out of 982  samples of food articles lifted by Food Inspectors under PFA Act six food samples have been declared as Adulterated and 30 food samples declared as Misbranded.


Drug Testing Lab:

A total of 163 samples of drugs like I.V. Fluids, Antibiotics, single componants drugs have been tested with conformity to that different Pharmacopia and Drugs and Cosmetics Acts.


Excise Lab:

A total of 1477 samples like Beer, Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Rectified Spirit, Arrack, Toddy  have been tested and certificates issued under Puducherry Excise Act.


Forensic Lab:

A total of 3152 samples such as Viscera, Stomach wash contents, Blood etc. have been tested and reported.


Water Analysis Lab:

A total of 1962 samples of water have been examined Bacteriologically and reported to the concerned Medical Officers of Health Departments for the purpose of quality control in order to prevent Acute gastro enteritis & other communicable diseases. 


Clinical Lab:

A total of 12465 Bio-chemical test of different types Blood, C.S.F., etc. have been carried out.