In olden days Sexually Transmitted diseases were called as Venereal diseases due to the notion that they were common among the “Lovers” the name derived from the goddess of love namely-Venus.  On realizing that these diseases occur due to Sexual Act, they were renamed as Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Sexually Transmitted Diseases are group of communicable diseases that are predominantly transmitted by Sexual Act and caused by various agents like bacteria, chlamydia, viruses, protozoaus fungi and Ectoparasites. 


The true incidence and prevalence of STD could never be known because of the social stigma and the secrecy that surrounds them.  However through pilot studies all over the world it is estimated that there are 350 million patients with curable STDs.  Of this nearly 60 million patients are in India at present.  The national prevalence rate is 5-6%.  More than 50% of them are in rural areas.  So it was imperative to provide STD care to rural population.  Hence STD care has been declared as a Primary Health Care with effect from October 1999 by Government of India.


There are four STD Clinics functioning in the Union Territory of Puducherry:

    i)     STD Clinic, Odiansalai, Puducherry.

    ii)     STD Clinic, Govt. General hospital, Puducherry,

    iii)   STD Clinic, Govt. General hospital, Karaikal.

    iv)   STD Clinic, JIPMER., Puducherry.