The Department  of  Health and Family Welfare Services, Puducherry is a major purchase of medicines and surgical items , diet items and Machinery and equipments.  The purchases are  mostly done through Open Tender System  by inviting tenders through Newspapers.  The Department has not  yet opened its   Website  so as to start  E-tendering process.  However, this year with the assistance of  National Informatics  Centre the E-Tendering Processes  will also  start. The Tenders are finalized  as per the GFR Provisions separately for medicines, surgical items,  pertents   non-pertents  items,  machinery  and equipments.    As far as purchase of medicines and surgical items  are concerned,   the Department procured  these items from DGS&D rate contract firms.  In case, non-availability of these items  under DGS&D rate contract,  the purchase is effected through Government of India undertaking firms.  Government of India have recently communicated Purchase Preference Policy in respect  of medicines and surgical items.  They have given special price for purchase of  these items through  Government of India Firms and the Department follows these  prices for the purchase of  such items of medicines and surgical items.  Copy of  the PPP list issued by  Government of India is available.   In case of failure to purchase  either from DGS&D  rate contract or Government of India   firms purchase is effected  through  CPC rate contract firms. 

The CPC rate contract firms are also selected through Open Tender System based on the recommendation  of Specialists of the Hospitals.  The Rate contract for Government of India  and CPC firms is concluded   on annual basis.  Copies of rate contract  are available in the Department. 


The Open Tender System for machinery and equipments  is basically done through Two  bid system (Technical bid and Commercial bid).  The specifications of the equipments are floated in  the tender itself and the aspiring contractors  are required to specify their specifications vis-ŕ-vis the   Department’s  specification.  On opening  the technical bid the specialists of the Department/Tender Committee scrutinize the tender and short lists  the technical bids of the company’s  which satisfy the specification of the Department such short listed commercial bids are only opened.  Though, lowest  quote is preferred  as per GFR norms,   the Department   in rare cases  guided by  the opinion of the Specialists/Tender Committee  finalizes  the  tenders  on higher rate  /highest rate  basis also .  At times, single tender is also selected. Approved list of machinery and equipments is available with the Department.